Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 15 - May the Fourth Be With You‏

So my topic line actually has significance because there is a guy in one of our District wards on a mission whose name is: “Elder Lucas Skywalker Bezzerra dos carvalhos.” Haha - like who names their kid Lucas Skywalker?!?  That is serious dedication to a movie - Only in Brazil, but maybe not.

This past week was actually super good. On Monday I went to get my was super sketchy...Just one open room on the side of a dirt road that didn’t have a door and only had room for one chair.  Asking for a haircut in Portuguese when you don’t know Portuguese super well and your companion doesn’t help, is super scary.  However, it didn’t turn out too bad!  A little shorter than I hoped, but not all chopped up - so that is solid.

On Tuesday, Elder Clayton of the Seventy came to visit the mission.  We got to travel into Recife to hear him speak. It was so good. He talked a lot about our call and how important it is that we are serving. He talked about how the world is getting worse and worse, so we need to go out and help people come unto Christ. Afterwards, we got some Domino’s pizza which was awesome.  I miss American food sometimes.  Some things are more expensive in Brazil, but other things are wayyy cheap.  Like going out to lunch (biggest meal) is only 8 Reais a person which is less than 3 American dollars.  However, Domino’s and all fast food is still super expensive.

The next day we went back to Recife for “return and report training” for all the newbies.  It was also sweet.

This past week we were leaving from a lesson of one of our investigators.  We left out of this little side house - favella.  There were these shirtless young boys all playing soccer and when we said tchau, one of them just runs up and starts hugging my leg.  Made my day.  The Brazilian kids here are seriously so tough. You will see them playing soccer in the streets and one will just trip and wipe out and then hop back up and keep playing.

Friday was a sort of Labor Day holiday here and holidays are tough to work on because everyone is either drunk, at the beach, or drunk at the beach. So we had a rough Friday trying find people to teach, but it worked out.  A lady showed us a video of a cat trained to use a toilet and then flush it. I guess you could say that is a highlight. Also, the milk here comes in cartons on the shelf… not in a refrigerator, and they have an expiration date of like 3 months. 

This week is Mother’s day so I hope you all read Alma 56:47-48 and 57:21. Remember your mother’s counsel!  I am super excited to Skype my mom and dad this week. Hopefully the internet keeps up here!