Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 96 - Thanksgiving e Batismo de Ruan Vinscius

Hey everyone,

The weeks are passing by quicker and quicker.

This has been one of the most tiring weeks of my mission haha. But it went super super well! We had a little thanksgiving celebration eating a pizza from Dominos. That was obviously great.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 95 - Maria Carmélia

Hey all,

This week was filled with lots of exciting things, but I would just like to share with you guys about one investigator we are teaching named Maria Carmélia. Maria is the mother of Fernanda, one of our recent-converts who was baptized with her family.  Maria came to the baptism of her daughter and when she entered into the church, she was overwhelmed with emotions. She started to cry and came over to Elder Gasparelo and started talking with him.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 94 - Casamento e Batismo de Beto e Karine

Hello everyone once again,

This week was pretty fast and great. We had lots of exciting events.

On Wednesday, we had something called "Dia dos Finados" which is a holiday here every year, where people go to the cemeteries to visit their loved ones who have passed on. We got to go there again this year to teach people about the Plan of Salvation, family history work, and we also got to sing. It happened in like 10 different cemeteries here in Pernambuco. We were able to get a ton of referrals and lots of people loved the hymns.