Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 94 - Casamento e Batismo de Beto e Karine

Hello everyone once again,

This week was pretty fast and great. We had lots of exciting events.

On Wednesday, we had something called "Dia dos Finados" which is a holiday here every year, where people go to the cemeteries to visit their loved ones who have passed on. We got to go there again this year to teach people about the Plan of Salvation, family history work, and we also got to sing. It happened in like 10 different cemeteries here in Pernambuco. We were able to get a ton of referrals and lots of people loved the hymns.

On Thursday, we had mission council in Recife. It went super well. We learned a ton about inner and outward motivation. We learned that inner and long lasting motivation comes from the power of the Atonement.  This lifts a person to truly be motivated for love of Christ and not love of men. It was so great.  The instruction was truly was an answer to our prayers. We also got to give an accounting of our work here and discuss some other topics.

On Saturday, we went to President Bigelow's house to study with him and other missionaries. President taught us about the book of Revelation. Wow. Just wow. It was seriously so amazing. All the things that we learned about the history of the world and the prophets and signs of the second comings just made my testimony grow more and more. It was seriously so great.

Later on Saturday we had the wedding of our two investigators named Beto and Karine. Their wedding was super cool! They even had a crepe bar, which was so delicious. The only thing I don’t like about weddings here in the nordeste is that the wedding cake has to always be de ameixa. Which is like fruit cake. It is like that dried up crystalized fruit that comes in fruit cake, mixed with chocolate cake. They always have it because of tradition.  

After the wedding, Beto was baptized by an Elder who used to serve here.  Karine was baptized Sunday morning before church. (because she didn’t want to get her makeup and hair wet the night of the wedding). They have been taught by missionaries since over a year ago.  I remember coming here in Jardim Brasil to do a division with Elder Moreira and we taught them.  Karine's mom and sister are members here in our ward and they cried so much this weekend when Beto and Karine were baptized.
Lots of other miracles happened this week…but there’s just no time to tell right now.

Have a great week! Also, my adapter isn’t working and the lanhouse doesn’t have one… so no photos this week. Next week you'll be able to see the baptism and wedding. It was super chique.

Happy Birthday to my BFF - Elder TRAMMELL!! 21!!!
Elder Waters