Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 14 - Rain Keeps Falling on My Head…


Another quick week in the mission! This week it rained a few days for like 30 min max.  However, the drainage isn’t super great so the streets flood quickly!  Plus it comes down hard.  So we were soaked. Still, it was a nice cool off from the heat.

This week while we were out and about I heard both Thriftshop by Mackelmore and Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus… in Portuguese. It was so weird and hilarious. Also this week I was able to try boiled octopus salad and I ate 4 chicken hearts! They weren’t too bad! If I didn’t explain before, we eat a huge lunch here and then we don’t really eat dinner or might have something small.  The mosquitos have been destroying me so it has been a battle, but I am starting to win. We walked a ton this week. I think I walk more in one day than I walked in my six weeks in New York. But I really like it.

This is a picture of a LAN house in Brazil (Local Area Network), which is where we go to send our emails to family.

We have a washing machine in our apartment which is super nice, but the water line doesn’t fit to the wall so we have to pour buckets of water into it every half hour when it drains. Since we leave to go out to work, it takes like a whole day to do one load. That makes it interesting for 4 missionaries in one apartment. Also, we don’t have dryers here so we just hang our wet clothes on hangers or on our beds. I miss dryers.

This week we got a baptismal date! We have been teaching this lady named Leila who is awesome.  She comes to church so we have been having hope.  She has a baptismal date for the day before my birthday on May 15th! I am so excited for her. 
Today we had to go to the airport to establish that I am in Brazil and using my visa. We took a bus and a train to get there. We had to wait awhile, but the airport has air conditioning so we were happy to wait haha. For the most part we don’t use busses unless we have to go to the far north part of our area.  However, we don’t go up there too often because it is the richer area and the people live in these sky rise apartments that all have guards who won’t let us in.  So we stay on the poorer side mostly.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Elder Waters