Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 11 - Post - Food Depression! - Liverpool, NY

Hi all,
This week again went by super quick! So on Tuesday (I think) we went to go see brother Monty in the veterans hospital! He has some breathing issues but he was able to make it out of the hospital after surgery and before Easter! So that was a cool experience.

On Wednesday we had a district lunch. And we were supposed to go to a place in Syracuse called Dinosaur BBQ which is supposed to be super popular but it had a huge wait, so we decided to go to chipotle instead. And we decided to was about 3 or 4 miles away. So we wandered around downtown Syracuse for about an hour till we finally found it! (which was longer than our wait at dino bbq) but then we didn't have a lot of time so we got our food and dashed back to the cars! But I didn't mind walking around Syracuse because there are a lot of sweet buildings and cool sites.

While Elder Ricks and I were out tracting (knocking doors) and trying to follow up on contacts in this one area a mini van stopped to talk to us. It was two Jehovah Witnesses. They gave us a brochure to invite us to their Friday service and we gave them our easter video pass along card, and then we talked to them awhile..well they talked to us. They kinda would never let us talk and then everything we said they would try to bash or contradict. It was quite interesting. But fun nonetheless. And actually of all things it was a testimony builder because every time I testified of a doctrine I felt the spirit and everything they said I was like well actually our church has an answer for that!

So General Conference was this weekend!! General Conference is practically the super bowl for missionaries. We brought some snacks and everything. Saturday morningwe watched conference at the church and then we watched the Sat afternoon session at the Finch family's house. We also watched Priesthood session at the church too.

Easter! So Sunday morning we were invited by Pastor Yost to attend a service at his Luthern Church in Clay. We went and it was very interesting. It was good to see the differences and see their views on Easter. Then afterwards they had a brunch in their gathering center thingy (like a cultural hall but way smaller). We then headed to the Barth's house to have another brunch! Very full already and it wasn't even 12 o'clock. Then we watched conference at the church with some less actives. Then we went to go see a less active family who was actually just finishing up dinner and invited us to we ate a little since we knew we had a dinner appointment. We watched the afternoon session at the Finche's again (we love them) and then we went to the Blanch's family for dinner! So all in all we had 4 HEAVY meals yesterday. We pretty much went into food comas. Also a bunch of people gave us candy and an anoymous family gave all the missionaries easter baskets. And of course I got a package from my family so I am going on a week fast from food. haha. But overall the week was so great! I hope you are all doing well!

Elder Waters