Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 10 - Day of Miracles - Liverpool, NY

Hello All!
So, this week seriously flew by…like it feels like yesterday was p-day and I just emailed you all!  By the way, thank you for your emails!!
Tuesday was basically a Tuesday of Miracles!  We were supposed to go to this one house to visit with a less active member, but my companion accidentally drove past the house.  We were like, ah dang...okay we will just get gas at this station since we need it anyway and then head back that way.  We get the gas and go to get the receipt and the machine says go inside to get your receipt, so we were like ughhh, okay, so we go inside.  Then this lady that works there starts smiling at us and then she comes over to check us out and she is like, “oh you guys are Mormon missionaries?” “I go to that church!”  We were like, “Oh really?”  And, then she tells us her name, which is actually a less active member we had been looking for!!! So we asked if we could meet with her and she told us that she has met with the missionaries before, but her mother-in-law hates the missionaries, so they couldn’t come over.  So, we asked her if we could add her on Facebook, and she said “of course”.  So we are now teaching her over Facebook!!  After we left the gas station, we went over to see an elderly man, who ended up not being home because he was in the hospital.  But when we came back out to our car, we saw a man in the street, so we went over to talk to him.  He called us “Soldiers of the Lord” and told us that he had wanted to talk to us for forever, but we’ve never stopped to talk to him  so, now we have an appointment set up with him!

On Wednesday, I went on an exchange with Elder Reyene to Fayetteville.  We saw a few people and tried a bunch of potentials.  I really did enjoy Fayetteville.

It is supper pretty and the houses are really cool looking.  It was raining and overcast (way better than the snow), which was sweet because I love the rain.

On Friday we had a dinner appointment with a member.  She is from Peru and she fed us some great steak and potatoes.   Then we shared a thought with her after dinner, then I said a prayer and then I felt prompted to share my testimony in Portuguese (she speaks Spanish, but she could understand most of my Portuguese), and then she started crying and she bore her testimony.   She told us how hard her life is, but how much the gospel has blessed her since she was converted 13 years ago. She said that she had lost many friends and family member, because she had joined the church, but since then, 10 member of her family have joined the church (she was the first member), and her nephew from Peru is coming up to serve a mission in California!  Super Cool.

On Sunday we had a super awesome day.  We went on splits with the Elders Quorum.  I went with Brother Edgehill who has lived in Brazil for like 5 years.  He was telling me all about the fruit in Brazil, so that was fun.  We visited a few less active families and then while we were driving back to the church I saw a potential investigator and I was like, “BROTHER EDGEHILL STOP THE CAR!” So, he pulls over and parks, and I basically run over to Dave with Brother Edgehill trying to keep up.  Haha! I start talking to him about his health and stuff, and set up a time to meet with him this week.  He had been talking to a woman on her porch, so of course, I talked to her too.  She was very open and agreed to let us come over sometime this week too!!  It was great because most New Yorkers turn us away.  The famous line here is “that’s aright, I’m all set”.  After we went over to visit a guy name Bobby who we tracted (knocked doors) on Friday and we taught him about the Book of Mormon.   He told us how he is going through a hard time with divorce and that he had been praying for help and guidance, so I flat out testified that we were sent to him by Heavenly Father and we were here to help.

So, overall it was a super fantastic week!!  I am really excited about Brazil, but I do really love the people here in New York!  Keep smiling everyone!!

Elder Waters