Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 8 - Liverpool, NY


So this was a speedy and awesome week!!  We gained 6 new investigators!!  Investigators are people we teach who are not members, but are investigating the church. 

So, we are pretty stoked and having a good time! Three of our new investigators actually committed to baptism this week! That was really awesome and so cool!    We knocked on their doors and they said come back another day so we did and taught them the Restoration and then invited them to be baptized and they accepted. One told us that she prayed for guidance from God and that she could somehow get back on the path and then we showed up 2 weeks later and so she knows it's true. She had been taught by the missionaries before in NYC but said she's never seen missionaries out here in Liverpool, so she was surprised.
Another lady we started teaching is this outgoing and awesome lady that makes me laugh a ton. We helped her move some stuff and then invited her to church! She came on Sunday and said that she had the best time ever.  That was such a cool experience!  She opened up in Sunday school about her life and said she used to be addicted to drugs and that she overcame it and has been clean for close to 20 years. Crazy!

On Tuesday we went to lunch with a guy named Pastor Yost. He is a pastor at the Lutheran Church here, but he loves the LDS missionaries and he is investigating our church. He wears a CTR ring (CTR-Choose the Right) and went to General conference in Salt Lake City last year, so he is pretty accepting of our message. He says "if the Book of Mormon is another way that can bring me closer to Christ then why wouldn’t I read it?" Pretty cool. He also says he loves the hymn “Choose the Right” and he's going to try to have it sung in his church. Ha Ha!  We helped him with a pancake breakfast on Saturday at his church which was super fun and they fed us!  He then gave us a tour of his church. Also on Tuesday we got two random contacts (people we meet) on our way to appointments which was super cool and random but it was answers to our prayers.

On Thursday a recent convert named Thida fed us. She is from Cambodia so I used the few things Elder Slavens taught me to say in the MTC. Her mom and her love it and they laugh when I say Cambodian words, but they say I speak it clearly. I'll have to learn that language after my mission with Elder Slavens. Oh another funny thing is that there is a Waters family in our ward, so they call me their extended family. The dad is completing his residency at Syracuse to be an orthopedic surgeon.  There's actually a lot of people doing residencies in our ward, so it is cool to talk to them about it.

Well that's it for this week!! I love you all.  Just a side note….be kind and nice to everyone, especially reaching out to those in your wards and communities. I say this because we called a member's nephew (at her request) who is having a hard time.  He said that he believes in the Church, but none of the members reach out to him.  He really just needs a friend and doesn't go to church because he feels really left. That broke my heart. So be kind!!!

Love you guys.

Elder Waters