Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 9 - Liverpool, NY 1/88,000

Hey hey hey,

So this week wasn't too eventful but it was a good one! On Tuesday we had the opportunity of serving at a food pantry at a different church in town.

We got to pass out food to people in need. The people that came were awesome!! I got to meet a lot of cool people and we picked up some great contacts. I love getting people to talk about where they are from and their stories, everyone has such unique lives.

On Wednesday we had a huge zone conference! So this is where we meet with the whole zone, which is all the missionaries in the Syracuse stake. It was super fun. We talked a lot about consecrating ourselves as missionaries and acting exactly obedient. We talked about our outlooks on life and watched a great video about how we should look at things as opportunities instead of obligations. I think it was a Nike basketball video but it applied to missionaries too. haha.

Thursday we went over too this apartments trying to find some contacts. We had no idea where one of the guys that we met lived…. we just knew what complex, so we drove over to it.  As we were parking, what do you know the guy Dave who we were looking for was out walking his dog. So we ran down to him and starting chatting him up. He is such a sweet dude. He had all these cool stories. We are going to try and meet with him again.
On Friday we went to the Ubri family's house for dinner. Brother Ubri told us that he went to Rio, Brazil on his mission! He was telling me all about Brazil and how he loved it so much and how he gained weight for the first month because he loved rice and beans and then he lost like 25 pounds after that because he settled down and didn't gorge over his food. He told me that the north of Brazil (where I am going) has a lot poorer areas and different accents. Saturday, we went out with our MVP member Brother May and then he took us to get food and back to his house. He was so excited because a missionary that had helped in his conversion (in the seventies) had a son that went to Recife in the 90s! And that son sent Brother May a letter with all these pictures of Recife, so Brother May was showing them to me. RECIFE IS SO COOL.  Holy, it got me so pumped.  Later on Saturday we went to visit our investigator Maime. We talked about authority of God and baptism.

Well that is it for this week. Love everyone!