Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 36 - White Paint‏

Olá gente,

Not too many exciting things happened this week! But it was still jamming.

On Tuesday we had lunch at a member's home. She has some sort of disease/sickness that her kids couldn't be in the house for the last 14 days - because their immune systems are weak.  But she said because we are adults, our immune systems are not affected by it...well I don’t know if that is true because about an hour after lunch I started to get the worst feeling in my stomach.

We taught two lessons with Tawã and I was sweating and like looking down.  Tawã was like wake up you are teaching, and I was like nah I'm not feeling right.  Well we ended up going home and I laid in bed. Luckily it passed over night and nothing too terrible happened like Elder Davis a few weeks ago!
Elder Gabriel and I are getting to work. Our teaching group is a little shallow and needs re-vamping. So this week we are focusing on finding a ton of new people to teach! 

Deangeles (ward mission leader) gave us some sweet new ideas for finding new investigators and working with the members.  Knocking doors is great and all, but it isn't giving us too much success at the moment. We are working to visit the members more - just like Preach My Gospel says.

I am super excited for conference this week!! We are going to get some new apostles and I have a feeling that at least one of them will be African. That is my prediction. All the Brazilians are saying there will be a Brazilian apostle, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. Only the Lord knows right?

Today we painted our whole house white with the secretaries and the zone leaders. It was quite the task but pretty fun as well!!

Hope you all have another great week!!!

Elder Waters