Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week 33 - Wake me up when Setembro ends‏

Hello gente,

T'was another otimo week.

Last P-day we went to a place called "Alto da Sé" which is in the Olinda area in our zone. It is this super sick place that overlooks the beach, and Recife.  Elder Zanni and I made some chicken and bought fix-ins for sandwiches.  We put it all in my backpack and then took a bus there.  We walked (super steep streets) up to the top and enjoyed the view.  We met up with the Zone Leaders and checked out some super old Catholic churches and then looked at all the souvenir shops.

Later in the week we visited our investigator Wellington a few times. He is progressing a ton and will be baptized on the 19th.  He asks tons of questions and really wants to become a better person.  We are now teaching his brother and his father.  At church on Sunday Wellington told me and Elder Zanni that he is sad that one day we will have to go because we changed his life and he thinks we are super legal.  We are also teaching another young man, Heryvelton, who wants to be baptized.  So we marked him for the 19th as well.  His friend gave him a Book of Mormon and he went to check out the site He learned that we don’t drink tea or coffee so he decided to stop. Before we got there!

Elder Zanni had his birthday this week and his parents sent him money.  He bought us some pizza on Thursday and it was delicious.  The pizza here is way different, but it's a good different ya know? Also, an exciting experience this week is that I went on exchange to Caetes.  Their house doesn’t have water right now. So Elder Ross gave me a bucket, showed me to the backyard where they had a tank of back up water, I scooped up a bucket-full and then showered. Definitely was a humbling experience for a suburban boy.

Monday was the Brazil Independence Day. This basically meant that everyone went to the beach. So it was a little difficult to teach in an empty city, haha.  We were able to have some good lessons with recent converts and less actives.

Today we had a Zone P-day. President presented us with this sweet workout plan and a suspension thing that we could buy for 20 reais (approximately $5 US).  It is supposed to be like the TRX suspension system but way cheaper. He also talked a lot about what foods we should be eating and what not. It was super great.

Hope you all have another great week!!

Totals This Week
Steps: 115,914
Miles: 60.34


Elder Waters