Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 35 - Batismo de Heryvelton Gabriel Flor da Silva e Wellington Soares da Silva‏

oi gente,

This Saturday were the baptisms of Heryvelton and Wellington. They both have the same last name but rest assured they are not related. Lots of people have da Silva as their last name here in Brazil. Both baptisms went really well and a member made a cake!  Elder Zanni and I got some presents from the temple for them and they enjoyed those a lot. They were both confirmed members of the church on Sunday (yesterday). Both Wellington and Heryvelton are super excited to be members and have goals to receive the priesthood and get to the temple one day.

Last week we went to the temple. It was honestly so great. The temple is always just a nice life breather. I had some cool spiritual experiences while I was there too. After we got out of our session, Tawã (a member in the ward who is awesome and reads all of my emails now lol) was there out front.  So we grabbed a bus with him and headed back home. We take three busses to get to the temple now.

I ate cow liver this week. I would not suggest it to a friend.

Today was transfers. Elder Zanni was transferred to Jardim Massangana. This was my last area so that was kind of funny! My new companion is Elder Gabriel. He is from Franca, São Paulo. It is nice to be with a Brazilian again! He has got like a year on the mission and seems ready to work.
Elder Hammond, Elder Waters & Elder Gabriel
This week I have been really feeling grateful for eternal families. I shared a message during lunch yesterday with some members and we talked about how the world is changing super quick and moral standards are going down. But if we listen to the General Authorites' counsel, we will be protected. Do something nice for someone in your family today :)

Elder Waters

Steps: 111,224
Miles: 57.89