Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 32 - Adventures in "Kuz Kuz"‏

Pedometer Totals for the Week!
Miles: 63.12

This week went by super rapidamente. It feels like every week on the mission is super quick!!  I can’t believe it is already p-day again. I guess that’s what happens when you serve a mission. I finished reading my first book in Portuguese!

This week we made our way over to a place called "Kuz Kuz" or so the locals call it. It was marked on our big map by another elder, but there aren’t any roads marked down or anything. So it was actually an adventure. It is a pretty sweet area, because it is like jungly and there are some small farms with crops and cows and goats and other animals. It is also basically fixed on a hill so we had a lot of incline and decline. But it was sick – felt more like I was deep in the Amazon. I will have to take pictures next time we head over there.

This week we also encountered a rapaz named Wellington! He is super cool and has 17 years I think. We met with him in his backyard, which was also kind of a mini farm. We taught him about the Restoration and he agreed to be baptized. We asked him to pray about our message so that he could know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet. He was like “let’s do it now.” So we went with him into his house, kneeled and prayed with him. It was a super cool experience and the spirit was way thick. He then came to church on Sunday and even dressed up with a shirt and tie. He said he loved church and that he wants to bring his girlfriend to see it.

We also went over to another area called "Plan Alto." Which has this extremely large hill to get up to the area. My companion was huffing and puffing at the top. We met and taught Roger (who came to church last week) and he loved our message. We also found some other potential families there too. The picture below during nighttime is while we were descending plan alto. It overlooks the central part of Abreu e Lima.

On Sunday we passed by a house that we had previously contacted. It ended up being this guy who just wanted to Bible bash with us - and of course we don’t do that. So we listened to him explain how the Book of Mormon is false and all this other stuff. And I was just like "dude have you read the entire Book of Mormon yet?" and he said no. So I invited him to read it, bore my testimony and then we left. 

Hope you all have another spectacular week! The other pic is just me and the map of Abreu e Lima.

Elder Waters