Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 30 - Primeira semana em Abreu e Lima‏

Hello All,

Pedometer Totals for the Week!
Steps: 96,309
Miles: 49.21

Lots happened in my first week in Abreu e Lima!  I was able to meet tons of the members and most of our investigators.  My companion Elder Zanni is a super consecrated missionary and I have a lot to learn from him even though he has less time on the mission.  Elder Zanni is from Argentina and his accent is super thick.  I am pretty sure he is speaking Spanish half the time, so it is kind of hard to understand - but we were are functioning. haha.

On Tuesday I met one of our progressing investigators, Andréa. She only has 30% hearing and so she reads lips and signs.  So now I am learning Brazilian sign language, Portuguese and some Spanish (from my companion).  Andréa has great faith and is searching the Word.

On Thursday we had a Mission Tour.  Elder Lima of the Seventy is over parts of Brazil and came to speak to us.  It was way good. The spirit was so strong and Elder Lima taught us so many different ideas and techniques that we can use as missionaries.  He taught us about working with members and the leadership of the ward.  After the meeting, we got fed and then sent back home!

There are these guys who drive VW Bus Vans as transportation for people. They stop in front of supermarkets and anywhere trying to get as many people as they can in the bus! It only costs 2 reais. It is like heaven for me hahah. VW buses everywhere. But they are aggressive at times.  So if you don’t need to take one you have to like shake your finger no so they leave you alone. It is hilarious.

I live in an apartment that is on the third floor.  It is above a lawyer’s office, which is above a motorcycle repair shop.  Pretty interesting combination. We live in the heart of Abreu e Lima right next to this super busy road, so it is pretty loud in our apartment to be honest.  Even at night people pass by with insanely loud music - oh well I have already gotten accustomed to it.

Our investigator pool is kind of struggling so we have been working hard to get new investigators.  This week looks like it will be the same exact thing. Lots of doors and contacts.  I have been trying to have a positive attitude about it because usually I think knocking on doors is worse than a root canal.

We are looking for families because this gospel is about eternal families.  Something that I learned from Elder Lima this week is that I need to thank Heavenly Father every day that I am part of an Eternal Family and I should tell the Lord I will help families receive the same blessings.  I am so grateful for my family and that I can live forever with my Parents. Heaven is going to be chique de mais.

Amo vocês muito!

Elder Waters