Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 28 - Churrasco e "A Parabola do Guarda Chuva"‏

 Oí gente

This week was pretty mellow but I learned some great things and we had a great p-day today. We had great lessons with some of our investigators.  This week we are really trying to focus on working with members more and getting the ward more involved with missionary work.

One lesson I learned this week was the Parable of the Umbrella. On Thursday the day was surprisingly very sunny. So we decided to leave our umbrellas in the apartment and get to work. At about 7:30 pm, we left an appointment and it started to rain. We had to get to another appointment real soon so there wasn’t time to stop and wait the rain out. As the rain picked up we ran faster and faster through what are called "becos" or little alleyway streets in the middle of favelas.  

The lesson I learned is that we will have rain in our life sometimes. It is inevitable - whether we have our umbrellas or not. Our umbrellas are the gospel. We protect ourselves with the scriptures, going to church, praying, and keeping the commandments.  Will we still get a little wet even with an umbrella..yes. But we will be a lot happier with more protection.

Today we had an awesome churrasco. This is a Brazilian Barbeque. My companion is from Santa Catarina and was born in Rio Grande do Sul.  He knows how to put on a real churrasco. It was honestly some of the best meat I have had in my life. We also grilled up pineapple with cinnamon which was so delicious. The sisters made salad, rice and we had guarana of course.  Elder Roque seasoned the meat yesterday and we cooked the meat for a good 2 hours.  It turned out really great.  Later, we played some volleyball as well.

Next week is transfer week and it is most likely that I will leave the area since I have been here longer than my companion. But who knows, we shall see in a week!

Love you all. Stay otimo


Elder Waters