Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 27 - Batismo de Grace‏

Batismo de Grace

Hello all,

This week was awesome!! So Grace was baptized!!! Yesterday after sacrament meeting, the Relief Society had a special meeting for Grace.  We sang hymns and a member gave a spiritual thought. Afterwards, Grace was baptized and everything went well except I had a little trouble with the word "commissionado."  But it was special. Grace said it was a super emotional experience.

After the baptism, the Relief Society president Roxana asked Grace to talk about how she encountered the church.  She shared her story of how she never felt right in the other churches and how she passed through certain trials such as overcoming cancer and her husband passing away in March.  She then shared her side of how we stopped outside her apartment and yelled out to her and how we came in talked about the Plan of Salvation.  She talked about how she thought the plan is "maravilhoso." She said she is so excited to continue to go to church and grow her testimony. It was really cool to see how she is feeling and I can totally tell that she will stick firm in the church.
Family Home Evening

It was a such a cool experience to see how the gospel works in people’s lives and how Christ's atonement can change people. Through the opposition Grace felt, she was still able to choose what is right.

This week I was also able to go on exchange with Elder Harrison in Cabo. It was really cool to see another area. They have tons of hills. I can see how blessed I am here in Massangana hahaha. But it was sweet to work with Elder Harrison because we both have the same time in Brazil and so we had to work harder and not count on our companion to talk when we didn’t know how to say something.

Hope you all have another otimo semana!!

Pictures-Baptism of Grace, and a family home evening night we had with members this week.


Elder Waters