Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 24

 Me, Elder Roque & Sister Soares (Second person baptized in North East Brazil - 1960)

 Hello gente,

This was an awesome week!! Elder Roque and I have gotten to work and we are seeing Heavenly Father’s blessings every single day.

This week we planned a lot of time to knock doors and make contacts in the streets. The results have been good.  It definitely gets tiring after a while. We are trying to improve the quality of our contacts and door approaches so that we can enter into more houses and teach more lessons.

We got to have lunch with the bishop this week. Afterwards we talked a lot more about our investigators and he gave us some names of people that he wants us to focus on. It was a really great meeting and I think he is having more and more confidence in us. That day it rained all day long. At one point we took shelter under a small roof on the side of a house/mercado type thing. Then this dude came up and wanted to share my umbrella and space under the roof. So of course we shared.  He then began to communicate with his hands.  I think I got most of the sign language. Something to do with the rain this time of year and how all the streets always flood.  

Later we visited Mozart Soares who used to be a Seventy and now is a counselor in the mission and lives in our ward. He is super legit. He gave us some dinner and then talked about how the members in the ward need to work harder as missionaries. It was great and he has tons of great ideas. 

It was Fourth of July and I had to celebrate some way, so we went and spent big bucks at Mickey Ds. It is the most American you can get here haha.  I sported my USA colors tie to show my patriotism… though no one else probably noticed lol. We also went to a potential investigator’s house.  His brothers are surfers so there were a bunch of surfboards laying around and the house was sick. He has tons of interesting ideas about God and we practically taught the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation in one lesson - mostly because he had so many questions.  

On Sunday Grace came to church again! All the members in the ward are helping her so much and are always asking us about her. She told us that she wants to be baptized after her daughter recovers from surgery.

Love you all!!

Elder Waters