Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 25 - Tapioca

Hello all,

This week flew by once again, just like all the others.  Here are some highlights:

I tried tapioca for the first time.  It is not like American tapioca (tried that too). It is more like a Brazilian taco type thing. It is difficult to explain. But it can be salty and have meat and cheese inside, or it can be sweet and have coconut and sugar. I got a meat one with calabresa. It was wayyy good.

This week we found another really cool family. One of the daughters has a friend on a mission that she writes every other week. Their dad passed away so we taught the Restoration but focused on how families can be together forever through the Priesthood. We were also able to see another cool family Del and Maria and their 1 year old daughter. They were super excited about our message and promised to come to church. 

Thursday we had our usual district meeting, except our Mission President came. So my companion was a little nervous.  Everything went well. President told us that a member called him from our ward saying that they saw us knocking on doors to find investigators and kind of had the tone that it appeared that we have no one to teach.  

President Bigelow defended us and was like "well they aren’t receiving references from members and they aren’t going to sit around all day waiting for investigators to fall into their laps-so they are getting out and worked."

We also taught a new investigator Joao Bosco. He loves to talk. He told us about his work as a seamstress and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. He agreed to read it. He says he is searching for a religion and doesn’t know where he will end up. He is so prepared. We then went to a baptismal interview in Setubal but we arrived early, so of course we bought some coconuts to drink by the beach.

On Sunday the bishop in our ward wanted me to call the US to try to contact one of his old mission companions. He had the number of the home where the companion lived, which happened to be in Colorado...in Littleton.  I tried calling and finally on the 4th try it went through. I explained that I was serving in Brazil and that my bishop was trying to contact his companion. Luckily it was the right family. They explained that they live right next to the temple on the other side of c-470 and they used to use the Colorado building!! I was like whatttttt. It was so weird to talk to someone that lives so close to home. But it was cool-small world.

Hope you are all doing well and that you have a great week!

Elder Waters