Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 26 - O Milagre e Trabalhando Homens‏

Trabalhando Homens

Hello Everyone!

This week Elder Roque and I had a miracle.  On Tuesday we went to see our progressing investigator Grace. We were planning on confirming a date for her baptism for this past Sunday. When we got there, she told us that she decided not to be baptized and that she didn’t want to go to church anymore. I was super sad. We talked with her awhile and I asked her to pray one more time to know if the church is true. She promised she would and then we left.

The rest of the week featured funny experiences including one where I witnessed a little boy (about 2 years old) in the middle of an alleyway trying to splash water on a cat but missed.  Then he dropped his pants and started to pee on the cat.  Honestly, he had some pretty good accuracy.

We were also able to visit a newer investigator João Bosco this week. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and the lesson went super well. He promised to come to church, but got too busy on Sunday.  

Alright here comes the best part of the week...GRACE CAME TO CHURCH. When she walked up I welcomed her and she gave me a hug and tried to kiss my cheek but hit my neck. When Elder Roque turned around, he started talking with me and then stopped and was like "who have you been kissing elder?" Grace left a lipstick stain on my collar lolol it was hilarious. But it gets better. She told us she went out with Cicero (a member) and talked for a while about her doubts. Our gospel principles class at church was about baptism.  Before the final meeting of church, Grace came up to me grabbed my hand and told me that we need to mark a date for baptism. So we scheduled it for next Sunday. It was such a miracle. She told us she prayed again like I asked and that she knew with all her heart that it is true.

Hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Waters