Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 29 - Transferencias‏

Hello all!!

This week I was transferred!!!  On Sunday we got the call to tell us who would be transferred - and it was me. Part of me wanted to be transferred but part of me wanted to stay as well.  After almost 4 months, it is like leaving home all over again.

The members are so cool in Massanga and I had so many cool experiences there.  I am super excited to work in my new area which is called "Abreu e Lima." My new companion is Elder Zanni from Argentina. He arrived with me in Recife at the same time, so that is cool.  His dad is the mission president of the Argentina Rosario Mission.  He seems super cool and ready to get things done!! The area is way different than my last.  No beach, no McDonalds, no tall apartments - but it is great. I like the change of scenery to be honest. We shall see how the first week goes.

On Monday, Mozart Soares took us to a Japanese restaurant and paid for me to eat a Rodizio of Sushi, which is basically a sushi buffet.  It was super good.  Some things were definitely Brazilianized.

This week we visited Leila, our recent convert.  She is doing super well and staying firmer in the church. Her grandson Gabriel (also a recent convert) is helping her out a ton. When Gabriel found out I was being transferred, he looked down all sad and then took his tie off and gave it to me.  He is so sweet. We had another “noite familiar” with members on Sunday and it went really well. It made me even more sad to leave the area because the members are so rad, but it is all good. I learned a ton from my first Brazil area for sure.

This week I realized a ton about how true this church is.  From spending time with members and trying to speak more during lessons and bear testimony more often, I have felt such a reassuring comfort. Normal Kyle would have been so nervous for transfers, but I was so comforted and excited to get to go to a new area. I know that this church is true and I keep learning more and more about an eternal perspective. Time is short here compared to eternity - and this mission is even shorter.  However, it has helped me to know that families really can be together forever and I can’t think of a bigger blessing than that!!
Peace gente, love you all


Elder Waters