Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 16 - Pernambuco


So I dont have a ton of time to write because we are traveling to the temple today.  It will be awesome.  I haven’t been to a temple since the MTC.  We will travel to downtown Recife and probably go to McDonald’s afterwards.

This week was really great.  The highlight of course was getting to Skype my parents and Daphnie and kinda Josh and my brother.  That was really a relief.  I was super excited to get to see them face to face and not just email!  I am super grateful for the technology we have these days.

This past week we found a super cool guy named Marsio.  He is really accepting of our message and is reading everything we give him. His brother knows quite a bit about the church and is really cool too. We have high hopes for them and I know they will get baptized.  This week we will have transfers.  So, we will find out who is moving and who is staying.  I will probably stay in the same area.  I hope that my trainer stays because I don’t know the area super well. 

We were invited to eat lunch at a former Seventy’s house.  He lives on the ninth floor of an apartment complex next to the beach.  It is sooo rad.  He gave us lots of different types of American food, and tons of cake.  I was completely stuffed.  He then told us about how he had a meal with the General Authorities and all about where members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles live.  It was super interesting.  Then he shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon and showed us some cool verses.  After that, we headed back to work.  

I learned this week that peanut butter is super good with Oreos. Try it. You will be surprised.