Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 38 - O Poder do Jejum

 Hello all!!

This week went by super quick and I had some cool experiences.

The biggest experience I had was as Elder Gabriel and I fasted on Saturday/Sunday. As we went to our lessons and taught, we felt the Spirit super strong. During one of our lessons, the person we were teaching had some doubts that he wanted to question us about. As we responded and bore testimony, I felt a power super strong in my chest.  I knew that the Holy Ghost was there with us touching the heart of that person.

After we left the lesson, Elder Gabriel and I were talking and were like wow the Spirit was super strong.  Elder Gabriel was like "the majority of the things I said were definitely not what I was planning on saying."  It was cool to have these experiences and I know this work is the Lord's work.

This past week as we taught Wellington and Romario, Wellington let me grab a coconut off the tree and we enjoyed some coconut water during the lesson. Wellington keeps talking about how he wants to serve a mission after he finishes school. He came out on splits with us on Friday night to visit a new investigator. During the lesson he bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it helps him. It is so flipping awesome to see his progress. 

Last week I took Elder Gabriel up to go see the Alto da Sé in Olinda for the first time and it was sick.  We went up this elevator to see a panorama view and got to see a lighthouse that we didn’t know was there.  I had to take a photo with it because lighthouses are my mom’s favorite things. Overall not much else exciting happened this week! Hope that you all have another otimo semana!!


Elder Waters