Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 39 - Conferência de Ala‏

 Hello everyone,

So this week was quite tough to be honest. But I learned a lot with Elder Gabriel for sure.

This week we knocked on a ton of doors. And we didn't have too many results. One day basically everything fell through and so we sat down on the side of the road at like 8 at night.  I wanted so bad to just give up and just go buy some pizza. But then Elder Gabriel shared a story from President Bigelow when he was a missionary. And how he and his companion were basically in the same situation but decided they wanted to be the kind of missionaries that don't give in. We decided we wanted to be those type of missionaries too. So we got up and went to knock doors. We didn't have many results, but I felt a ton better knowing that I actually tried.

For a more or less type of week, Sunday turned out to be awesome. We had ward conference and all the members were hyped.  Tons of them invited non-member family and friends to come! We met so many new potential investigators and set up a bunch of lessons with them this week. It was so cool to see all the members here in Abreu e Lima gather people to church. Our new investigator Tiffani also came and all the young women welcomed her. The Young Women's president was so excited because typically the Elders don’t bring in a ton of moças.

Before district meeting this week, Elder Gabriel and I went to a Padaria to get some Broas (Torta with goaiba in the middle). While I was there the lady was like is he (Elder Gabriel) your guide? I laughed and was like no he is not haha. She then asked me where I was from and I said I am American. She asked me "America like America United States or America German?" And of course I responded U.S. haha but Elder Gabriel and I were laughing a ton. I think that Elder Gabriel and I laugh more together than any other companion I have had. He reminds me a lot of Elder Davis (Josh). 
Next week will be transfers so we will see what happens! 21 new missionaries are coming so I think Elder Gabriel will be teaching for sure.

Hope you all have a great week. I know that this church is true! And that Joseph Smith really had a vision of God and Jesus Christ.

Elder Waters

Steps: 116,607
Miles: 60.27