Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 40 - Another Bad Haircut‏

Hello all!

This week went super well! I went on exchange twice. Once I stayed in the Abreu e Lima with Elder Meneguzzi and the other time I went to the area Jardim Brasil with Elder Moreira (zone leader).

During the exchange with Elder Moreira, we went to a self-serve restaurant for lunch because our lunch fell through.  At the self-serve, you get two options of meat.  I looked at one of the options and it was some sort of chicken I have never heard of, and so I thought I would go for it. AFTER eating all the chicken, Elder Moreira asks me if I liked it..I said yes...he then smiles and asks if I knew how the sauce was made...I said no...he laughs and tells me that they take the chicken’s blood out and then use it to make the sauce.  Well it wasn't too bad.

Today we had transfers and I was transferred.  It turns out that I am going to open the area "Lagoa Encantada," that has been closed for a transfer, and I will also be training a new missionary.  The Assistants gave me a map of the area, a Google map of how to get there by bus, and the cell phone for the area.  I looked at the cell phone to see the contacts, and found that it doesn’t have contacts... I said to one of the Assistants, "My phone doesn’t seem to have any contacts."  He said, "What do you want a hug or something?" haha so yeah looks like I am going to have to knock doors to find the bishop here.

Right now I am with another elder who will also train a new missionary.  Tomorrow we will go to the President's house and get our new companions!  I am super excited, but also super super nervous.  Luckily I know that President is going to make waffles tomorrow, and that is something I am missing.

Wish me luck! The photos are of my last district and the best pizza in Abreu e Lima.


Elder Waters