Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 48 - Feliz Natal/Another Terrible Haircut/11 Months

Hello Everyone!!! And FELIZ NATAL!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that it is already the week of Christmas.  It does not feel like it at all. But honestly I am getting excited!

This week went pretty well! The highlight though was when Tawã somehow tracked down my phone number here in Lagoa Encantada and we were able to talk on the phone. When he told me he got his mission call to Colorado I literally flipped out!  I still cannot believe that!!!  I am so flipping excited for him! Best state ever.

Today makes 11 months on the mission. The time is going by way to quickly! I cannot believe it really. On Saturday we had our Ward Christmas party. It went super well! Elder Gimenez and I helped set up decorations and we brought the guarana soda.  The party did make me a little homesick-but mostly missing when my mom used to be the ward activities person and put on the best Christmas parties ever. 

Elder Gimenez and I have been running every day for the last month and it is helping keep off the holiday weight ha. Sometimes I bring my jump rope and I always remember when Darbie told me to bring it because that is what the Victoria's Secret Models use hahahahaha. 

Some cultural notes: people here have a fad of having birds as pets-which is normal. But they like to take their birds for walks in the cages. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. People just walk down the street with their bird cages casually.

As Close As I Can Get to a White Christmas
Also another thing is that those two kids we baptized have not yet learned to pronounce my name, so they just call me "Aguas." So sometimes we will be just walking down the street and then all of a sudden we hear one of them screaming "Aguas! Aguas! Aguas!" It is hilarious. 

Elder Shelf Cooling Off
Yesterday I got to confirm Fernando as a member of the Church. It was the first time I have confirmed someone and it was super cool. I think what made it more special is that the week before I listened to a talk by Elder Bednar about receiving the Holy Ghost and it clarifies everything. Too good. 

I hope that you all have a great Christmas. Please remember that this holiday truly is about our Savior. I used some of the paper decorations mom sent to give to the members and we wrote the question "O que você dará O Salvador este Natal?" (What will you give the Savior this year?) with Alma 7:10-15. I hope that you all give the Lord your service, obedience, and love this Christmas.  Feliz Natal!

Elder Waters