Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 69 - 20 Years Down, 80 To Go

Hello all!

So today is my birthday! Super lucky that it fell on a p-day. Means I actually get to relax a little bit haha. My awesome companion made me a cake! I didn't think he would because we don’t have a pan to make cake in, but that didn’t stop him! He grabbed our skillet pan for the stove and somehow made a super tasty cake in it. Today is going to be pretty chill like every other p-day. Except we are going to go to Subway for lunch because it is the fanciest restaurant in our zone lol.

This week has been great. I got to do a companionship exchange with Elder Hammond this week (my second MTC companion). We talk like old friends when we are together and we talked most of the day about MTC memories. I still cannot believe it has been over a year! Elder Hammond turned to me as we were walking and just said "We are in Brazil man. Can you even believe that?  It feels like yesterday we were in the MTC and then heading on a plane to New York, and now look at us!" hahah so great. We also talked a bunch about BYU, which left me a little trunky but I have repented já. We talked a lot about principles of leadership and examples and it was one of the best exchanges I have been on. I love that guy.

Also while we were on exchange, Elder Villamar visited Cleberson and Rute. Our progressing investigators.  He shared with me that during the lesson they asked Cleberson if he had felt like he had already received an answer from God. He said he felt like he hasn't. Then Rute interrupted and said "We have already received tons of answers!! Don't you remember that we were praying for a church to raise our son in. Don’t you remember that time Miguel (their son) fell and hit his head and stopped breathing and I held him and prayed so hard and he started breathing again?  Or when we first got here and there was no one to help us move in and unload the moving van and right then the Nunes family (members) started helping us out?  We have received so many answers."  And then Cleberson said, "wow it is true, this church is true."

Also this week, as we were walking down the road Elder Villamar asks "did you know that marijuana grows in the streets here?" And I was like no hahah I didn’t, and then he showed me a marijuana plant.  After that I started seeing marijuana plants everywhere.  No wonder the people here are so chillaxed.

Hope you all have a great week! Thank you for the Happy Birthdays  :)

Elder Waters