Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 71 - Semana abençoada

Hello world,

This week went super great! We have been seeing such blessings as we try to put more and more effort into the work. I think that is a principle of everything we do in the gospel or the Church. We were able to find some great investigators this week that have been so prepared by the Lord.

Before I forget, shout out to Elder Davis for becoming an Assistant!!! I always knew he would be one. I’m going to talk about him to my companion all this week because he is so awesome #gloryofmen.

We encountered a mother and son named Marileide and Jonas this week.  Marileide thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses and so she stopped to talk with us because she is part of that church. But she has been a little less active. We explained that we were from the Church of Jesus Christ and she felt interested to learn more. She invited us to come to her house right on the spot to teach her and Jonas who has 18 years. They ended up coming to church and had a great time!

We also encountered a rapaz named Tacisio. He literally lives next door to us - in the same little complex. We pass his house when we leave every day. We decided to talk with him. He is 17 years-old. He is an Espírita. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and another day about the Restoration. He has some questions about the Plan of Salvation, because he has other thoughts about it. But he came to church. He told us "well if this really is the true church then I will obviously be baptized!"

The branch Coqueiral is getting so close to becoming a ward. We just need a little bit more consistent frequency on Sundays and we are good to go. Cleberson and Rute should be getting Rute's documents this week and so hopefully they can enter into the process of marriage já!

I love you all! I hope you read the scriptures all the time.