Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 73 - Rápido

Ten Kilogram Watermelon!

Hello everyone!

This week went by so quickly. The time just gets faster and faster. First of all, shout out to one my best friends Josh Davis for turning 20 this past week! Feels like yesterday we were passing sacrament together.

Look Closely to See Me.

This week was pretty chill. We had a companionship exchange of three companionships in order to give the district leader an example of how to do divisions. It went pretty well. We are really trying to catch fire here in Recife.

Our branch Coqueiral is getting so close to becoming a ward.  This week we had our new investigator Rosângela at church. She is progressing a ton. She reads all the pamphlets and fills in the questions in the back, she is reading the Book of Mormon and watching church videos and movies online. She has been searching for the true church all of her life and has felt like she has never encountered it. She is well aware and understands the apostasy well. She enjoyed church a ton and is progressing to baptism. 

My companion trying to make cuz cuz in the microwave.

We helped Cleberson and Rute move into the house of a member family. It went super well! This member family gave them as a reference and they are helping this family in so many different ways. I guess now they will have even more of follow up and help because they will be living with the saints! 

Brazilian Sunset

This week went by so fast that I can’t remember everything that happened. I got sick, but it didn’t slow us down. 

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Waters