Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 77 - Batismo de Jó

Minha gente,

Yesterday we had the baptism of Jó. It went super great. We reactivated his mom and brother and we are still working on his dad. But he is 11 and still hadn´t been baptized. They were so happy to see the baptism and I could tell that Jó's dad felt the desire to return stronger in the church.

This week was kinda crazy because we are helping our investigator Rosângela get married so that she can be baptized. Every day we were running all over town in Cavaleiro and then Jaboatão. Because everything was going wrong haha. But we didn't give up.  We kept working with the Brazilian governmental process. They entered into the process of marriage today and the only thing that lacks now is a proof of signature of the witnesses which will be Elder Omar and our recent convert Douglas. They will be married and baptized on the 6th of August.

My new companion Elder Omar is great. We get along super well. We laughed so much this week. He reminds me so much of Nate Robinson it is honestly crazy. His sense of humor, his body build, the way every girl looks at him when we are walking down the street. hahah it is hilarious. It makes me miss Nate though. 

Saturday we had a service project in the house of a family. This family is super poor and their house is like basically caving in. So we dug out holes in the middle of the house so that the irmãos could make walls in the middle to divide the rooms. And then we had to take off the roof - and also dig along the side of the house to build a canal so that the rain water gets taken away from the house. There is so much more to do still and so we will have to return the next few Saturdays. We were broken afterwards. I don’t think I have felt so much pain in my body while on the mission haha. I am still tired today.

We also had mission council this past week. This week is finally Cleberson and Rute's marriage and baptism! We are super excited. I am excited to eat cake.

Have a great week!

Elder Waters