Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 78 - Casamento E Batismo De Cleverson E Rute

Hello everyone!

This week was jammed packed! Cleverson and Rute got married and baptized!! We are super stoked. The marriage went super well. It was at the church and there was a red carpet and a three level cake and lots of salgados. What was also cool is that there were many non-member friends and family there, and so it was a great opportunity for them to visit the church in a more relaxed way. Bishop Percilio bore testimony of marriage and the restoration of the gospel.

They were married on Saturday and baptized on Sunday. Their baptism was super spiritual. The member that found Cleverson and Rute and invited them to be taught by the missionaries, named Nunes, baptized Cleverson and I baptized Rute. Nunes spoke and bore testimony during the meeting about how this couple was found and how the Lord has been so merciful in letting him help others be baptized. The Bishop got up to give a welcome and also bore a strong testimony of missionary work. Cleverson drove us home after the baptism and he said "now it is right. Now we are keeping the commandments." 

This week we had a companionship exchange with Elder Friedrich (assistant to the President). I learned so much with him about achieving the potential God has given to us - and also about doing God's will in everything. I know that I still have so much to improve. I know that I can help way more people than I currently am. I don't know where the time has gone. This week I will only have 6 months left to be a missionary and I honestly feel so not ready to go home. It is time to step up my game even more. There are so many good people here in Brasil just waiting for the truth of the restored gospel.

We had another service project this week in the same house as we did last week. This week I got to learn how to lay brick and mix cement with sand and water and a shovel.

I eat cuzcuz every other day and I can’t imagine lunch without rice and beans and farinha.  And sometimes I say "visse?" when I should say "viu?"  I think I am becoming a Pernambucano.

While we were waiting at the bus stop we saw some small monkeys. The bus driver told us to buy a banana and feed it to them. When we did, like 10 monkeys came climbing down the trees and starting eating the banana haha. It was hilarious. There was one mom monkey that had two little baby monkeys on her back.

Well I hope you have a wonderful week! Brasil is amazing. I love this gospel. I love the scriptures. The more I study them, the more I realize how little I really know. I am so happy to be here. I love these people. I love the prophet President Monson. And I love everyone who has supported me and my mission.

Elder Waters