Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 82 - Transferências-Zona Norte!

Hello everyone!

So I was transferred!  I was kinda expecting it because Elder Omar is in his last transfer now and President wouldn't keep me for 2 more there. I was transferred to Jardim Brazil, which is the Zona Norte. I had already served here in this zone when I served in Abreu e Lima.  We are here in Abreu e Lima right now to use the LanHouse and play some board games with the other elders. It is honestly freaky being here haha. It brings back so many memories! A lot has actually changed here since a year ago.

My new companion is Elder Gasparello from Curitiba, Paraná. He is my third comp from the Paraná. He arrived here in Recife in the same group as me. He is already one of my mission friends, so we are super stoked to be companions. When we went to the metro station today to trade off companions he says "ahh Elder Waters, you are my first companion that I already love. I won’t have to spend the transfer to get to like you because I already do!" Another cool thing is that Elder Gimenez is in my zone now.

This past week we went to President Bigelow's house on Saturday, because we achieved the pattern of excellence this transfer. We got there and he let us ask whatever doctrinal question we wanted. We learned so much! It was all about the atonement and faith. I don't know why people try to study deep doctrine. There are so many things to learn about the basic doctrines of the gospel. Then we got to play futebol (soccer) and basketball. We played three on three, and we made the dream team of Americans (Elder Schmidt, Elder Johnson, and me). We destroyed everyone! Later we ate Italian food. Nosso, it was good. I haven't eaten alfredo sauce or garlic bread in such a long time!! Being at President Bigelow's house made me miss American homes haha. They are such an amazing family. I love President and Sister Bigelow so much. 

This mission is awesome. I love it here. I cannot believe how short my time is left. I am sad that this might be my last area. But I guess I just gotta give it all I got!

Love you all!

Elder Waters