Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 83 - Jardim Brasil

Hello all,

This week went well in my new area! In this area it has been a lot easier to encounter new investigators, which is a plus. We also have some really amazing members that I am excited to work with. Elder Gasparelo and I are doing great. We have such a great relationship already.

Today we get to go to the temple! That is why I didn't email Monday.  I am honestly dying to go. I love the temple so much. It has brought me so many blessings and knowledge!

Funny story: yesterday, we encountered two new investigators, and it was a mom and her daughter.  The daughter is close to 9 months pregnant.  After the lesson we asked her what she would name her new baby girl. She said 'Graçiele' or something like that.  I suggested she give the baby an American name!! And she was like well say some names then!  The pregnant lady's name is Jessica, so I said it should start with J.  And then I began to think of the Davis family, because you know, they are all Js. (except Peach of course).  So I said "There's Julie, or Jamie, or Jackie, and also June, July and Jude." She liked Julie. She said "but I also want to include my mom's name in the baby's name too. Her name is Graça." I said well then let's translate Graça into English which is 'Grace,' so her name can be Julie Grace! She loved it and asked me to write it down so they would know how to spell it on the birth certificate. They said they thought it was super "chique" hahahah.  I laughed so hard after.  I have never named a baby till now!

Other than that, this week has been pretty chill. I got to eat lunch with a less active in Abreu e Lima when we went to do an interview there. It was very delicious. We are trying to throw down all our forces in this area and give it all we got!

Love you all. Also, I know it already passed, but shout out to Sister Landgrave (Macky) for turning 20! love her. Also, the photo I am attaching is me doing some gymnastics at the park in the spirit of the Olympics… I won the gold.

Elder Waters