Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 85 - Batismo de Marília

This week went ótima!

We had the baptism of Marília. She and her sister were encountered by my companion and his other companion. She has been so open and accepting to fulfilling compromissos and progressing. But her sister was like the opposite. Her sister thought she already knew what is best and right.
They both came to church a few weeks ago and had two completely different experiences. Although they both were in the same classes and sacrament meeting, Marília felt the spirit and realized that it is the True Church. Her sister on the contrary didn´t feel the spirit and didn´t have the same experiences. I learned that everything that we receive from God is based on where our heart is. If we are humble, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, we can receive incredible things and accomplish large goals. With pride, nothing is possible in the spiritual sense.

My area is pretty great. It is the first time I have had air conditioning in my apartment and it is a blessing. I actually wear socks and a long sleeve shirt when I sleep now! My companion Elder Gasparelo reminds me of a mix between my brother Mike and Elder Trammell. He has some crazy ideas and funny things that remind me of Elder Trammell. He loves chicken feet and asks for it whenever we eat lunch.

We have two investigators that our progressing a ton. Their names are Claudineide and her son Adailton or "titinho." Claudineide is seriously so cool, she is definitely an eleita and I can see how the Lord has been preparing her. She knows that the church is true and last week she was even crying in sacrament meeting. This week she brought her son that has 17 years. He doesn't like to get up early but he said he would come at least once. Claudineide said "I hope that he likes it, because he doesn't like doing things like this and I want him to continue." We had a noite familiar that night as well with them at a member family's home. It went super well.  Afterwards, Adailton said, "this has been the best Sunday ever."

I love the mission so much. I love seeing the conversion of people. I feel that I have learned so much here - and grown so close to the Lord.

Elder Waters