Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 87 - Fogo

Dear friends and family, (if you still read these updates)

This week went pretty chill! Today we had a p-day with President and Sister Bigelow with our whole zone about exercises.  It was really great and I made some good goals to lose weight before I get home! So you can disregard the photo of the Domino’s pizza my companion and I ordered on Saturday and the Coca-Cola limited edition I found this week lol.

This past week or so, near our apartment there is an electric field thing where all the electricity in Olinda commences. Wow I don’t even know how to explain what it is in English, but you get the picture. It is of the Celpe company. Well, it like exploded and caught on fire for like an hour.  The whole sky was apparently super bright and there were loud noises and what lots of the people here thought that it was the end of the literally there were people on their knees praying...there were spouses confessing of cheating...and so forth. And well, me and my companion were just sitting in our room at 10pm chilling with the air conditioning on (first time I have ever had air conditioning in Brazil) and we literally heard and saw nothing. Nothing at all. And the next day, the members told us about it and were like "what how the heck did you guys not see guys live next door, we live here like 2 miles away and we could see what was going on!!!" So I guess if the world ends… we will be the last to know....

This week was supposed to be the baptism of our investigator Claudineide. But it got remarked for this Thursday. She is so flipping ready. But she kinda got scared. I testified that this is Christ's true church.  I told her the best place to seek help and comfort is in the true Church. She felt so peaceful once we explained that. She has received such great answers to her prayers and has been so fervent in her faith.

This next week will be transfers. I am pretty sure this is going to be my last area so I am not really worried… but you never know! I love it here though. This has been the ward with the most active members that I have passed through. I love this Church with all my heart and I am so grateful for the gospel.

Boa semana!

Elder Waters