Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 98 - Batismo de Adailton e Ayana

Hello all once again,

This week was pretty filled with lots of things to do. First of all we had our December mission council. That went honestly super well. It was my last council. We talked about lots of big things that are happening in the mission right now. Everything was focused on how we can get this mission moving forward and continuing to achieve higher goals.

This week we had the baptisms of Adailton and Ayana who are the kids of Claudineide, our recent convert who was baptized in September. We have been teaching them for quite some time now.  Adailton and Ayana both had different difficulties that impeded them to be baptized.

Adailton was pretty much an atheist when we met him. Over the course of some time he began to believe that God exists. After some reading of the Book of Mormon, and some heartfelt prayers, he began to believe that Christ truly is our Savior. After a few months of praying, reading, church attendance, and lots of spiritual lessons… he began to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ truly was restored here on the earth and that there exists a prophet called by God in our days. I have never taught someone like Adailton before, because most Brazilians have a firm belief in God and Christ. But it was amazing to see the seed of faith planted and cultivated in his heart. I am so proud of him and his sister for their decision.

Yesterday we had a special multi-stake conference with all of Brasil. It was a live broadcast from Salt Lake which featured Elder Maynes, Elder Costa (Argentina), Elder Costa (Brazilian), Sister Bonnie Cordon, and Elder Holland. It was so awesome! Elder Holland started his talk in broken Portuguese and then said "my Portuguese is terrible, so I will continue in English" and the interpreter started to talk.  He finished by bearing his testimony in Portuguese. It was sweet. I learned a bunch and the messages were so focused on exactly what Brasil needs right now. Elder Holland even mentioned the plane accident that happened. 

Saturday we got to go to President's house for a special study and it was awesome. We learned more about the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Sister Bigelow made lots of different desserts.  The best was cinnamon rolls. It has been too long.