Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 97 - Missão missão missão - Building a House


Well this has been another great week with tons of things that I won’t even have time to count. So I will be pretty quick and share some experiences.

Yesterday during sacrament meeting, Carmélia and Edson (our recent-converts) got up to bare testimony. Wow. It was incredible to witness their conversion. It seemed like they had been members for years. They bore such simple, yet so powerful testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ and His perfect Atonement, of the Restoration, and of our amazing Heavenly Father. All the members bore such great testimonies yesterday and the whole day at church was just so spiritual and so joyful. Everyone was excited to be there and hugging and shaking hands and smiling and yeah, it was awesome.

Saturday we started helping the prior relief society president build her new house. So we got to mix cement and work with brick once again. The only bummer was that I forgot to put sunscreen on my white neck and I got burned. But it passed in like a day so now I have a tan again haha. 

I went on a companionship exchange with the assistants in their area this week. There in Imbiribeira. It was pretty awesome. We ate this amazing food that is Arab. And it was pretty much just a burrito but with different sauces and seasonings. It made me a little trunky for some Mexican food. 

I love this mission so much and I honestly cannot believe that it is coming to an end. But I am honestly pretty happy to be here for Christmas. Though Christmas in Brasil is different, it is great to pass it as a missionary. Focus on Christ and help others to come unto Him.

Elder Waters