Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 4 MTC

Hello All!

Another speedy week for me. It's weird because the weeks go by so fast but the days feel long. Like every night we're like wow did we really do that this morning? It feels so long ago. haha. Anyways nothing to exciting this
week again. We did meet some Brazilians (including one from Recife) and we were trying to use our Portuguese with them and they try to use their English with us. It is fun and we're definitely gonna try to sit with them during meals to get some real practice in. About exactly two weeks left in the MTC! I should be getting my reassignment next week around Tuesday-ish. Since I still haven't gotten my visa. But I'm actually pretty excited! It's like getting two mission calls.

I'm trying to speak more Portuguese out of class, just so that I can learn and speak more fluidly. Plus, our teachers encourage us too. We got to teach TRC again this week which was again just teaching return missionaries. One had gone to Portugal and one who went to Brazil. The one that went to Brazil told us not to worry about messing up speaking because one time she mixed up the verbs "to ask" and "to fart" in a lesson and the family laughed super hard! Hahahaha!  Hopefully I won't make super embarrassing mistakes but if I do maybe it'll make the Brazeileros laugh.

This week we got chosen to Host. So tomorrow I get to take new missionaries and show them around the MTC and let them in on all the low-down. Still can't believe it's been a month since I came here. This past week we learned a lot more about including our investigators into the lesson. Because it's hard for someone to learn when you're just jabbing words at them.

I read "Our Search for Happiness" by M. Russell M. Ballard on Sunday. It's a super great book. For all you non-mormons, I think Dean calls them Nomos, you should definitely read it because it is like the easiest way to understand what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is all about in a plain and simple way. Oh we watched "The Testaments" on Sunday night and it was so sweet. I haven't seen it in forever and I forgot how cool it is. Jesus is awesome! Oh and also we learned a lot about repentance and forgiveness this week and I want to just encourage you guys to forgive people that have wronged you. It's a complete waste of your time to hold grudges. Well till next week! Amo vocês!

Elder Waters