Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 2 - MTC

Hello Everyone!
Starting week 3 (really week 2 but the MTC is weird) at the MTC!  Pday is seriously like MTC Christmas. Portuguese is coming more and more everyday. I have the missionary purpose almost completely memorized and now I am working on the first vision in Portuguese. The 4 missionaries in our district who got their visas left this morning for the Brazil MTC, including my companion.  So I now have a new companion, Elder Hammond.

I'm getting pretty used to the idea that I will most likely be reassigned.  I'm really feeling New York! This week I received 3 packages!!!! One from my lovely parents, one from my wonderful grandparents and one from Daphnie, with swig cookies and other goodies!  Awesome to have people close to be able to drop me stuff.  Blessings.
I had the opportunity to go do a session at the Temple last Tuesday and I will again today.  It is such a blessing and is relaxing.  On Saturday we had a substitute Portuguese teacher from Mozambique and he is one of the coolest guys I've met here at the MTC.  He really en-grained in us how special and important the calling of a missionary is and how we shouldn't take being a representative of Christ for granted. Very powerful lesson.  Speaking of Mozambique, my zone is supposed to get 20 new missionaries in and I'm pretty sure that includes Andrew Walton and Brenna Thomas! So Exciting!!
I hope all my friends out on missions are doing great right now! I get to see Elder Slavens like every other day which is so awesome.  We've also been having some great devotionals including one on Sunday stressing the importance of companionship. Mostly on the mission but also in life we need companions including spouses, family and friends.  Can't make it alone in this world!!  Oh, also I would like to mention that I started reading the New Testament since I realized I've never really sat down and read the Bible all the way through.  I honestly didn't even realize how awesome the New Testament really is.  Jesus Christ is amazing...learning about his life has brought me so much comfort this week. Anyways, that's it for this week!

Love you guys and your letters/emails.
Hope all is well!