Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 3 - MTC

Hello Everyone!!

This past week has flown by so quickly! I can't believe it's already p-day. Not much exciting has happened this week so this won't be too long of a letter.  We are now the oldest district in our zone which is so weird because it feels like we just got here.  Can I just say, I am so grateful for my district.
We are very close and everyone is so supportive and so excited to learn and grow.  Not to boast (but I'm going too), even our teachers have said our district has something special about it and they have been holding us to a higher standard because of it.

I'm so blessed being surrounded by such great people.  Oh so back to teaching, our first investigator is super accepting of the gospel and so easy to teach, but our second "investigator" has had a rough life and I've found it a little more challenging to figure out what to teach/say.  We also had our first TRC teaching.  That is where we teach returned missionaries regular lessons and they are just themselves. It was kind of intimidating - how do you teach someone who knows more than you? 

 Okay last thing - since Elder Hammond and I have our room to ourselves (our companions all got their visas), we pushed two of the bunk beds together to create a mega bunk bed.  I think it’s about a queen sized bunk bed now (two twins top and bottom).  It's pretty awesome.  Also Shout out to my brother Josh Davis getting his mission call to Mexico!!! Muy bien!  Anyway, thanks for all of your emails!

Love you guys so much!!!

Elder Waters