Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 20 - O reino da chuva tem cemçao‏


Another great week in the mission field! This week we had a ton of rain. Which makes sense, since it is now June and technically winter.  Winter doesn’t mean that it gets colder - just more rain.

This week we saw this 90 year old guy once again near the beach and of course we went over to talk to him. He knows English so he was trying to talk to me again in English with Portuguese mixed in. He is super cool and his name is Efraim which means Ephraim. Legit. We started talking to him about the Plan of Salvation and he agreed to let us come back to teach him and his wife another time.  He is in way good shape for being ninety.

Later in the week after my companion and I got done running in the morning, Elder Dimmick (another Elder we live with) surprised us and made us french toast! It was way good. Later that night I surprised the other elders and made some brownies. Also were very good. 

We visited our super perfect investigator Grace again twice this week and set her with a baptismal date. She is a little nervous about it because she feels like she needs to learn every single thing about the gospel before she is baptized.  However, she believes in everything we teach and is continuing to build her testimony.  So I know that everything will work out okay. 
On Saturday all our plans fell through and so we were just kind of bumming.  As we walked by this apartment, I saw a lady on the third floor watching us so I yelled up to her that we had a message about Jesus Christ that we would like to share with her.  She agreed and then let us come in.  It was a super great lesson because she has definitely been looking for the true church and has been to many different ones. Her daughter was a little more hesitant, but the spirit will work its way into her heart.

Sunday we had conference which was great and fun.  Later we went to a super sweet member’s home to have a family home evening with them.  Overall this week was good. I feel like I learned a lot about families and I can also tell that I am learning a ton while being here. The mission is definitely a blessing.

Elder Waters