Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 21 - 2 Meses no Brasil

Hello all,

This week flew by.  Today marks two months that I have lived in Brazil. I honestly cannot believe that. This week we had our Zone Conference on Wednesday which was super good. President and the leaders talked about using time wisely and planning more effectively.  It really got us all pumped to work harder and really share the gospel with everyone.

We had delicious lunch and got to watch Meet the Mormons in Portuguese. It was great. I also got a box of chocolates since I had a birthday and I got my parents’ package. So overall super great day. We got in late and were only able to teach one lesson that day. 

Later in the week we got to teach Grace - our all-star investigator. We got to her apartment and she was excited to show us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon. She is already in 2 Nephi in one week!!  We wanted to tell her about Meet the Mormons, because you can access it on Netflix here in Brazil. However, she told us that she had already watched it before we got there! She said she loved it and all the stories about the different people. She is still progressing a ton. Later that night all these kids were Double Dutch jump roping in the street, so of course I had to join! Way fun. 

On Friday it was Dia dos Namarados which is basically the Valentine’s day of Brazil. So everyone was out holding hands and getting ready to party! The stake had a dance, but of course missionaries aren’t allowed duh. Later we went to another investigator’s house.   We also went to our English as a Second Language class. Other than that nothing much else exciting happened this week! Hope you are all doing great!!

Elder Waters