Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 44

This week was packed and it was rocking! We had a training for all the new missionaries and then on Friday we had a Zone Conference.

The training for new missionaries was in Boa Vista as usual so we had to leave early to get a bus there.  On Friday we learned a ton during our Zone Conference. The mission is having a hard time mostly with finding new people to teach. And it is mostly because we are not opening our mouths to talk with everyone like we should be.  So President and the assistants created "convitatos" which stands for "convites" "Contatos" and "Com tato" Which basically means when we do contacts on the street, we invite the person to do something - such as pray, come to church, or even be baptized. We are seeing tons of success with it already and Elder Gimenez and I are killing our fear of talking with people.

Yesterday during church one of the members pulls us out of class and he is like "okay elders I brought this woman to church that I have brought before a few times, but she always tries to stay away from the missionaries. So later today I am going to bring you guys to her house and we will watch a church movie and then you guys teach her." So we were like yeah sure! Later we meet up with him and it turns out that they had a date planned to watch a movie at her house. He told her that he would bring the movie.  Little did she know that he was going to bring a church movie and the missionaries with him.  SURPRISE! lol.  She was like wow I made popcorn but not enough for you all.

Another interesting thing here is that everyone is obsessed with flying kites.  It isn’t like some fun hobby. No they try to take down other kites with their kites and it is like a huge battle.  When a kite starts to drop, everyone chases it and the first one who gets to it wins the kite.  Not just kids, but tons of men play too. Yesterday these men had the string of a kite tied between two poles super tight and I asked Elder Gimenez what they were doing.  He told me that they get those long light bulbs, crush them into tiny pieces. Rub glue onto the string and then glue the light bulb dust on the string.  They do this so that it cuts the strings of other kites.  Like seriously it is INTENSE. 

This week I recieved packages from Candice and Marcus and my Mom. Both filled with stuff for thanksgiving. So thank you!! This Thanksgiving is going to be great now.


Elder Waters