Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 45 - Dia de Graças e Batismo de Lucas

Oí everyone!

This week was pretty interesting if I do say so myself.

It started last Monday after we left the LanHouse (emails).  A random young man named Fernando came up to us and told us that he wants to be baptized. We were like whattt. He then explained that his girlfriend is LDS, and that he was praying Monday morning and felt like he needed to be baptized and serve a mission in the future. We were like whattt no way! So we got his address and invited him to church.  He came to church, watched our baptism and then a member invited him to a noite familiar. The Lord really is putting people in our path.

For lunch on Monday I decided to make the stuffing and mashed potatoes that came in my package, because I didn’t have anything else to eat. It turned out well and tasted so good!  Afterwards I got a stomach ache. I was like neh it’s just because I ate a bunch. But when we left the house to work at 6, I still was hurting. But I was like nah its nothing. We got to our investigator Dilma's house and began to teach her. She offered me what I thought was an alka-seltzer with water, but I think it was something else now. During the lesson, I felt so sick that I stood up, walked out her front door and then threw up in the street like 6 times. Yeah idk. All the neighbors were watching hahahha and Dilma couldn't stop laughing.

On Thursday, Elder Gimenez and I had a "Brazilian type Thanksgiving."  We got pizza, ice cream, and made the cake that mom sent (which Elder Gimenez decorated Brazilian-see pic). It was our feast. Not too traditional of the states, but it was still a good night!

We put up the paper Christmas tree that mom and dad sent us.  

"Elder Shelf" (the elf) is starting to get to work by reading o Livro de Mórmon.

On Sunday Lucas was baptized with his little brother Luiz. Their uncles baptized them and it went well!

Other than that this week was pretty chill. I had a dream about flying kites, so I am going to buy one today.  I am still waiting for the snow. It doesn't look like it will come this Christmas.  

Moroni 7:40-48 is a super great scripture about hope.  Check it out. Hope you all have a great week!! Love you guys and the Savior

paz e bênçãos

Elder Waters