Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 42 - já pensasse?‏

Hello gente,

Another week passed by! The area is starting to progress. We are seeing that our group of investigators is growing! But we are really trying to get things moving so that we can have a baptism here soon.

The area is huge, so we have been walking a lot. But it is good because I need to lose weight. Also Elder Gimenez and I went running today and so that helps too right?

We had our first district meeting in the district this week. It went super well. I think it was one of the best district meetings I have been to. Really felt the spirit. This week we were doing contacting, and during one contact the guy asked if I was from the Rio Grande do Sul. I almost hugged him - it made my week.  And then I taught the gospel principles class last Sunday and one of the recent converts said "so what are you from São Paulo?" hahah I felt so happy. But despite that, Elder Gimenez is still helping me with my accent more. 

Basically every night we have been watching various church movies, because we have a dvd player now for Elder Gimenez' training. Also I have been drinking Guaraná do Amazonas with bananas every morning for breakfast. (see pic) It is literally the best thing ever - besides açai.

On Sunday Dilma, one of our investigators, came to church. She is progressing a lot.  We have also been teaching a former investigator named Bira. He came to church yesterday! It was a miracle. We are teaching his wife as well. 

Have another great week!

Elder Waters