Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 52 - Templo

Hello everyone,

Not much happened this week after the temple trip, but I will give you the run down:

Update on the football player at church - he is now playing for the "Olinda Sharks" (interesting since Recife is known for shark attacks) and he is tackling like a mad man.  He showed me a video of him tackling the other team's running back and it looked like he killed.  The dude is huge.  I would not want to play against him. After church, he tried to explain to me what happened with the Packers and Cardinals, but I could not understand because he used so many words I have never heard of hahaha.  But he was like yeah and then they lost, so that is all I needed. 

Hélder came to church for the third time yesterday and he is liking it.  Dilma is setting such a good example for her daughter and granddaughters.  So that has been great.

This next week is transfers and we find out the plan on Friday instead of Sunday, which is new.  This time we will not have a big transfer meeting.  So, anyone who is transferred will just go straight to the new area.  Elder Gimenez and I have the same time in the area, so I am not sure which of us will go. We shall see!

Have a great week!

Elder Waters