Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 50 - Dois Mil Dezeseis

Elder Waters has done this at home - time lapse photography and a flashlight.

Happy 2016 everyone!! Can't believe it. 

This week was pretty chill! Nothing too exciting because we had to get back home at 6pm on New Year’s Eve.  So we just partied at kinda partied. Studying and watching church movies kinda party - ya feel me?

We watched "On the Lord's errand" which is about President Monson-and wow I just love the prophet so much.  Then we went to sleep at 10:30 as normal, but at midnight a ton of fireworks went off and woke us both up. I thought World War III was starting. But it was all good.

This past few weeks have been like the peak of Mango season.  Because it didn't rain too much, there has been a boat load of mangos. Everyone is crazy for them. At this one park in our area there are a bunch of mango trees. One day this guy climbed one and started shaking the branches so that the mangos would drop and it was like it was raining mangos! Then everyone within sight of the tree went running to pick up all the mangos that they could.  Imagine the start of the hunger games when they are in the arena and everyone runs to get equipment-but actually they are mangos. That is how it was.
Our investigator Hélder came to church this week! So we were super stoked about that. His name is pronounced elder. So everyone thought it was the most hilarious thing since that it the title we use.  He enjoyed it. Also Dilma (our progressing investigator) gave the prayer in gospel principles.  She started crying as the spirit was super strong. She is scheduled to be baptized this week.  Pray for her.

Also at church we learned that one of the members has started playing football-like real football-like American beauty football-like touchdown football-aka not soccer football. He is playing for one of the teams in Natal, but will be playing for one of the 6 major teams here in Pernambuco. He showed me a video of football of some guy sacking the quarterback and I was like "cool." But then he was like no man "isso foi meu primeiro 'sack'" and I was like whattttttt way to go dude!

Also a girl was walking by with her friends and said to her friends "esse branco é um gato." yeah yeah that is me.

Hope you guys have a wonderful year!

Elder Waters (a.k.a o gato branco)