Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 56 - Doente

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty eventful.

Carnaval ending up being a snooze.  There were so many people dying in our area that they decided to cancel all the blocos just to be safe.  So we pretty much returned at 5pm every night until Wednesday for nothing. But it was good to relax and study. They ended up having one bloco go on yesterday (which wasn’t even part of carnaval).  It was just a normal bloco - nothing crazy.

After district meeting, we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. We both went to their area to work. I worked with Elder Brailsford from American Fork and Elder Gimenez went with Elder Abrego from Honduras.  I learned a ton and we saw some awesome things happen that day. Elder Brailsford made us some blueberry pancakes that were so great.

On Saturday I started feeling sick.  It was mostly in my stomach, so we went to the church to use the restroom.  Then I started to get a fever. Then I got a huge headache that wouldn’t stop. We had to go to another area that night to do some interviews and I was not doing well. We got back home and I was doing way worse.  I had so much pain in my whole body.  I think that Saturday night has been the most painful night in my mission.  I don’t think I have been that sick in my life.

Sunday we woke up and I was still doing poorly, but we needed to go to church because we were expecting investigators and someone needed to teach the Gospel Principles class.  So we called a member to come pick us up. We got to the church and I just basically slept in one of the church pews.  Elder Gimenez ran the show. I think every member came over to touch me to see if I really did have a fever and every one of them said yep he has chikugunya or zika or dengue.  Well whatever it was that I had has now passed.  Sunday night I was basically left with just stomach issues and today I am doing better.  I lost about 3.5 quilos (kilos) in a day and a half.

Hope you have a great week! stay away from the mosquitos.

Elder Waters