Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 54 - Paz de Fevereiro

Hello everyone!

This week went super great. We are still teaching Severino and he is progressing a ton! Unfortunately he couldn't make it to church yesterday because of his spine.  He is 71 years old. We visited him and he is doing great.  He makes these sweets that are made of honey, banana, coconut and other stuff. And it is so amazing.  He is my third grandpa.

After every lesson Severino goes and gets the sweets and is like "wait here." This week he made us pineapple juice with mint and milk. Sounds weird huh? That’s what I thought too. But it was spectacular. Never knew that combination would taste so good.  We were also able to schedule an investigator Adriana's baptism.  She came to church with a member and she loved it. So she is progressing a ton.

On Friday there was a huge thunderstorm.  That isn't super normal here in Pernambuco. It was awesome. I forgot how much I love lightning.   The storm and wind were so strong that lots of the trees were knocked down in the city and the power went out almost everywhere.

This week is going to be Carnival. Which by the way means that if there isn't a LanHouse open next week, I won’t be able to email and you all get a break from my emails. But yeah Carnival… basically think of the Great and Spacious building with all the wicked people from good ol' Lehi's dream.  That will be Carnival in Recife.  Luckily I am not super close to Recife or Olinda; so it shouldn't be too bad. We have to go home early and study, so that is a plus.

The worst that we have to be careful of is people squirting dirty water on us or throwing rocks or trash.  Like 8 people were shot last week in our area, but that is pretty normal this time of year. Don’t be scared mom. God protects his servants. And at the least I will be like Abinadi and get my message across about repentance before they kill me. haha jk

I have been looking at my journal entries from a year ago and they are super interesting. I can see my growth for sure. Also I am mad that I didn't write every day-so now I have the goal to write every day, even if it is something small.

Hope you all have a great week. see you after Carnival... maybe.

Elder Waters

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