Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 58 - Batismo de Elaine e Vitória

This week was great and packed.

First of all we had two companionship exchanges with Elders: Thompson (MTC companion), Lucero (Paraná), Fialho (Rio Grande do Sul), and Parrish (Utah). Both duplas came to our area and it went pretty well!

When we were with Elder Fialho and Parrish, the member gave us money for lunch for two people.  We went and got a bunch of bread and cheap frozen hamburgers.  I made the packet of mashed potatoes sent to me for thanksgiving.  We didn’t have tons of room in the apartment, so we set the table in our room where we sleep and fit everyone in!

This week we had two baptisms! Elaine and her daughter Vitória.  They are the daughter and granddaughter of Dilma, our other recent convert!  This past Tuesday we went to visit them and follow up with them. Before we got there I felt the impression "tell them that you love them."  We got there and began the lesson.   We shared some scriptures and then I felt like it was the moment to tell them how much I loved them and want the same blessings for them that I have from being baptized.  I shared my testimony and the Spirit really touched Elaine.  She said "Eu Vou!! Quero ser batizado!" She had goosebumps. It was a super spiritual lesson and I learned a lot.

My prayers have been changing a lot.  I am reflecting way more on the investigators’ needs.  I think this past month I have learned a ton about trusting in the Lord and He has truly humbled me.  I know that I am nothing without God.  I am so grateful to be here in Recife.  I can't believe I have the sacred opportunity to help others make covenants with our Heavenly Father.  I know this Church is true and I know that Elaine and Vitória made such a crucial decision that night.

Vitória chose me to baptize her and Elaine chose Elder Gimenez.  Lots of members came to the baptism, so that helped a ton.  Then they were both confirmed members of the Church yesterday.

I am feeling better! I didn’t go to the hospital, but I took a few different medicines and I am pretty sure I am 100% back to normal.  Unfortunately, Elder Gimenez is starting to get a cold now though so we are battling the sickness haha.

Boa semana para todos.

Elder Waters