Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 59 - Batismo de Adriana

Hello all!

This week went super spectacular!  Yesterday Adriana was baptized. She chose me to baptize her and it went super well. I have truly seen how the Book of Mormon  played the role in her conversion.

Adriana gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon super easily. She seemed to love and cherish what we would read with her and what she read on her own.  We asked her if she knew it was true and she responded with a firm yes. We talked with her about the fact that because she knows the Book of Mormon is true, that she also knows that Joseph Smith really was a prophet and that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ.  I truly have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and that it changes lives.

Today is transfers and Elder Gimenez was transferred.  He will be going downtown to Madalena, which is pretty close to the temple.  I am going to have another filho as I will be training again here in Lagoa Encantada!  I am excited.  That also means waffles at President's house and that I get to go to the temple tomorrow!! woohoo! Today I am staying with Elder Chelemberg and Elder Morrison in Ibura.

This week we helped not just humans, but a bicho too.  While we were walking home from a lesson, I saw a kitten basically dying in the gutter of the road. So we went and picked it up and took it to a member’s house.  But they didn’t want it… so we had to house her for the night.  I gave her a bath (she was super dirty and gross) and some milk and put her in a box.  Luckily we found a home for her the next day.  We named her "sister." 

We also had a division this week with Elder Schmidt and Elder Pinheiro. I figured out that pinheiro means pine tree in I started calling him Elder Pine Tree. He thought it was funny.

Well I hope that you all have a great week!


Elder Waters