Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 62 - Feliz Pascoa

An Easter egg that an awesome member gave us!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Our Easter was pretty normal, but it was great because I felt like I was expecting a huge deal and 4 meals and a bunch of chocolate like last year in New York.  This year, I really had time to think about the Savior and grow my testimony stronger. On Sunday the Bishop asked me to give a talk 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started and honestly it was an answer to my prayer because I just want to talk about the Atonement with everyone! So that is what I talked about and I felt my testimony grow as I shared it with others.

Our mission had the goal of reading the whole Book of Mormon starting in January and finishing at Easter, and I achieved!  This was the first time I read the whole Book of Mormon in Portuguese. Woohoo! I honestly think I have been learning more by reading it in Portuguese than English because there are some tiny words that I pass over in English, but not in Portuguese.  These tiny little words make a huge difference in the verse. Way cool.

Me playing with a kite.

This week we had a training session for the new missionaries, so Elder Faria and I headed to the big city. It was great. I just love when President Bigelow teaches and trains us. He is so flipping smart.  His mad knowledge of the scriptures just makes me want to spend 24 hours a day reading the scriptures and general conference talks! 

We also had a division with Elder Schmidt and Elder Pinheiro (pine tree). I stayed with Elder Pinheiro and it was great. He is 20 years old, but looks younger. 

Elder Pinheiro and me.

I love you guys so much! I know that my Redeemer lives. He loves us so much. I know that He strengthens me when I am weak. Which is everyday. I have learned to depend on Him and trust Him. I know He rose on the third day and for this I know that I can overcome death too.  Search Him.

Elder Waters